Shop – Drywall Part 1


Well drywall is geting done this week. That is one thing I just dont have the skill or physical ability to do ourselfs. We had Eduardo Lezama (512-350-8997) and crew hook us up. They did some work for us at our other house, Clean work site, On time, great communication, and reasonably priced.

Here are a couple shots of things getting started:



Here is the ceiling:


Here is the back room:


And here is a start on the floating and taping:





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Shop – Insulating Part 2

Finished up the insulation!

Framed around the roll up garage door:

Then we rolled out the rest of the R30 insulation:


Then we spray foamed all the large gaps that are to small for fiberglass:

And cut off the excess:

Drywall starts tomorrow!

Shop – Insulating Part 1

Got the Insulation going this weekend. The insulation/radian barrier that the builder installed is like the this Reflectix. According to the site it had a 3.7 R Value. I really did not get it for the insulation properties but rather it barrier properties. It will help with the condensation that happens down here on the metal roofs and buildings.
The walls have R19 all the was around:
And R30 in the ceiling:
  Still need to do a little finishing, should be able to start dry walling soon.

Shop – We Have Been Framed; An Inside Job

We got the interior wall all framed up! Here is a shot of our first ever interior wall frame section:
We bolted down, squared, and leveled each section as we set it up:
Here is our doorway, 38 1/4 by 82. We are putting in a 36 inch door, should allow us to get anything we want through it:
Came out pretty straight:
All finished up with the fire breaks. We are pretty happy with the way it came out: