Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book Example

§ 478.129 Record retention.

(a) Records prior to Act. Licensed importers and licensed manufacturers may dispose of records of sale or other disposition of firearms prior to December 16, 1968. Licensed dealers and licensed collectors may dispose of all records of firearms transactions that occurred prior to December 16, 1968.

(b) Firearms transaction record. Licensees shall retain each Form 4473 and Form 4473(LV) for a period of not less than 20 years after the date of sale or disposition. Where a licensee has initiated a NICS check for a proposed firearms transaction, but the sale, delivery, or transfer of the firearm is not made, the licensee shall record any transaction number on the Form 4473, and retain the Form 4473 for a period of not less than 5 years after the date of the NICS inquiry. Forms 4473 shall be retained in the licensee’s records as provided in § 478.124(b): Provided, That Forms 4473 with respect to which a sale, delivery or transfer did not take place shall be separately retained in alphabetical (by name of transferee) or chronological (by date of transferee’s certification) order.

Table 6: Disposition Record of Personal Firearms

Description of firearm



and/or importer


Serial No.


Caliber or



Name and ad-

dress (business

address if licen-


Date of birth of


REF: Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2005, Pages 68 and 69

Here is an example of ours: (Will verify after inspection)

1. Purchase from Dealer Standard in store purchase.

2. Purchase from Dealer to personal collection. Must stay in personal collection for at least a year. Disposition would then be as any other non licensee.

3. On line sale transfer from a non licensee to in store customer.

4. Purchase from Dealer then sold on line. From us to FFL for customer pickup.

5. Transfer from FFL for customer pickup.

6. Purchase from Dealer still on hand.

7. Purchase from Dealer gun that was stolen.

8. Purchase from Dealer and sold to law enforcement officer.