Keeping It Solvent

I wanted a solvent tank that will take care of my weapons parts as well as my shop tools. I got the Solvent Tank from Northern Tool and Equipment. Then I mixed up ‘Ed’s Red’ Bore Cleaner and poured it in. Well that was a mistake! I did not read the manual (RTFM), the pump is only for water based solvents:

I replaced the pump with this guy from I had to modify the top plate a bit to get it to fit:

Then I set it all in place and added some brass fittings to help keep the solvent out.

Put the wiring back together:

Added the brush and did a test run. All good!

Shoot Clay holders Version 1.0

B.S. (Before Steel) one of our go to targets was clay pigeons. We set them on everything. I saw a plan to use cloths pins and thought I would give it a shot.

Dollar Tree large cloths pins and a box of clays:

I screwed them on a stand I had, turns out the cloths pins I got are too big. We will call this Version 1.0. You can see below the clays are not held securely, I had to put them under the bottom of the pin.

They stood up, still fun to shoot. Just not right. Version 2.0 will be better….