Firearms Light Duty / Cleaning Station

I wanted to show my light duty, sit down firearms station. This is in the back of the  armory. It is a more comfortable environment to work in.


I made a set of drawers to help hold all my stuff.


Wanted some better light so we got a high efficiency light for overhead:


Right now the switch is a power strip. Made a real switch that I will add in the next couple days.


Thats it for now, I will update this weekend.

Forgot to show the railing! I have a Tipton Best Gun Vise, I got tired of having to clamp it down. So I routed the rail directly into the workspace!


Works good so far


As you can see from the pictures above, cant tell it is there when the mat is rolled over it.

Got the light switch hooked up


Full shot:


Steel Targets

There is a lot of talk about steel targets. You can go on line and find enough information to boggle your mind. I decided to go with ¼ inch AR400 steel gongs. These are for my personal use, nothing more. I will post pictures after I light them up.

Here is shot of the 4×8 sheet.

AR400 Steel for targets

I had to remember how to use my plasma cutter. It was not pretty, but I got it done:

With my Army back, I found it very hard to work on the floor so broke down the plate into smaller lighter sections. With help we put it up on some saw horses to make it easier to cut.

I also discovered these little gems from Swag Off Road. I put the screw and washer in one of the unused holes to create an adjustable stand off. I just adjust for the locations and tighten down the 2 nuts to keep my cutting tip off the steel.

And the bottom. Ignore the scoring:

Greatly improved my cuts:

Here is a shot of the targets for this run:

1 – 20 inch

1 – 12 inch

5 – 8 inch

4 – 6 inch

Drilled 2 holes in each, painted and setup: