DIY – Biesemeyer fence rails Part 5

Adding the final touches to the AskWoodman Biesemeyer table saw fence. I did not want to leave the ends of the rectangle tube open, personal preference. So I ordered some plugs from McMaster-Carr, Rectangular Finishing Plug for Tube, Ribbed, Fits 2″ X 3″ Tube OD, Packs of 10 Part Number 9474K56.I have 8 extra, I am sure I will use them for other projects.
I noticed that my Very Super Cool Tools table saw fence was not sliding as smooth as I felt it should. I am thinking that it was my paint job on the tube. I got some 000 steel wool and rubbed it down, much better!
Next I followed Alan’s video for adding the measuring tape.  
Worked like a charm! In the first picture you can see it look a little rough from the steel wool.
Here is a better shot of the whole fence.
Here it is all finished up. You might notice that the scratches are gone, I put a couple coats of Johnson’s wax on. Slides really well now 🙂
This was a great project, and I thank Alan and AskSteelMan for posting their how to. It is really not near as difficult as I thought it was going to be. Alan was very helpful and answered all my questions and comments. I now have a high quality American made table saw fence that takes my table saw to the next level. I am sure it will help me make a better product.