Electrolysis – Power to the process!

I have been using electrolysis for a while now to remove rust from all my iron Shopsmith parts. I received my original inspiration here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Electrolytic-Rust-Removal-aka-Magic/. Here is what I do to make it work:
Lets start with how I am going to get DC current to the processes. I started by doing some research with the all knowing Google and came up with these sites:
I did not like the idea of leaving the power supply together and I had a nice box to put it in. I put in a GFCI plug I had laying around and added the mounting hardware for the power supply board:
I then took the Power Supply apart and wired it up as the websites above describe. Well…almost the same….
I then mounted it in the box. I kept some extra wires for future testing, and I jumper-ed all the grounds off the single ground wire:


Here is the outside:



Here is an outside shot with both power supplies:


Next I will show some vats I made and the to the electrolyte.