Example of Receiving a Firearm for Transfer from Another FFL Dealer

  1. Person contacts you to be receiving FFL dealer for an online gun sale
  2. Send a copy of your FFL to their local FFL dealer
  3. Receive firearm, then record the make, model, and serial number onto the copy of the FFL license that was sent with the firearm.
  4. Mark date received at the top and insert into the IN binder
  5. Record the firearm in your A&D book
  6. Contact customer
  7. Have customer fill out Form 4473
  8. Conduct background check either through NICS or State Point of Contact
    1. If “proceed” result:
      1. Release firearm to customer
      2. Assign a sequential number to the Form 4473 and place in OUT binder
      3. Mark the firearm out in your A&D book.
    2. If “delayed” result:
      1. Do not release firearm to the customer
      2. Wait for a response from NICS or State Point of Contact
    3. If no response received from NICS in the close of three business days after the check was initiated, you can release the firearm to the customer
    4. If “denied” result
      1. Do not release firearm to the customer
      2. Either purchase firearm from customer, or
      3. Return the firearm to the FFL dealer from whom you received it

#5 in Bound Book Example