Home Brew Pre-Chiller

Sometimes the tap water is just not cold enough to do the job required to cool the product. Here is what I did to create a pre-chiller. The idea is to have the water run through the copper coil that is packed in ice.

I spooled up 25 feet of 3/8 inch Inside diameter copper tubing around a corny keg. I left one piece long so I could pull it up from the bottom.
I then created all the angles I needed, I made the top bends to hang on the top of the Gotts cooler. I also pulled the coils apart a bit to try and get better efficiency.
 I added hose lines making sure that the in line was connected to the line that goes to the bottom.



  I put it in the cooler to make sure everything would fit.
  Here is a close shot:
Now to check and see if it is water tight….Looks like it is.