Power Line Communications Part 1

Started wiring up the electrical for the Enphase Envoy solar box and The Energy Detective (TED) devices. Both use Power Line Communication (PLC) . The Envoy uses it to communicate with the micro-inverters and TED uses it to communicate with the MTU that will be hooked up in the breaker box.
I put a 2 plug box straight off the breaker box in the shop, I have a shared neutral and gave each plug its own hot. One will be on the ‘A’ side and the other will be on the ‘B’ side. The Enphase micro inverters come in on both sides and I isolated the Envoy to the ‘B’ side, I will set TED up on the ‘A’ side. Here is a quick Phase explanation page 8
Here is a shot of the breaker box:


Worked for the Envoy, full bars!
Now to finish the rest of the outlets and lights.