Shop – Breaking it down – Plywood break down station

I needed a better way to break down sheet goods. Something I could put and manage sheet goods on alone. I decided to use the Shop Notes 48 tilt out panel cutting guide. Simple and cost effective.
First I cut everything to size and made a couple test dado cuts to make sure everything will fit:

Then fit it all together. I used the clamps to help guide things into place:

Screws all the way around. I added a screw in the center of each joint to help keep things snug. The screws are on the back I dont want to hit one with mysaw blade on accident.
Next was making the cutting the Red Oak to support the T-track. I could not find any 2″ x 2″ so I glued 1″ x 4″ together. After they dried I cut cut them to get the stock I needed.
Then ran a 3/4″ wide 1/2″ deep dado to hold the T-Track and mounted them to the sides of my frame.
Set it up on the outfeed table to help me get to things a little easier. Mounted up the bottom sheet supports.
Mounted the wall support board using 3 1/2″ lag bolts, added the second row of sheet supports and mounted it to the wall.
I mounted 12″ Red Oak legs to push the bottom away from the wall and create an angle that will help the sheet good stay in place.
Last shot. With the track installed and vertical fence attached:
My version of this will never sit flush against the wall. I plan to build a lumber storage roll around that will park itself in front of the plywood cutting station.