Shop – Floors

We got the shop floor finished. We used 2 of the Epoxy-Coat kits “384-fl oz Interior High-Gloss Garage Floor Light Gray Epoxy-Base Paint and Primer in One”

We swept all the large stuff out and scrapped what we could off the floor. Then we sprayed it out with the hose and cleaned up with a large squeegee. 

Then we used a half Muratic acid water mix in a hand sprayer over the whole floor, then rinsed and squeegeed again. The floor is pretty rough to begin with. Let it dry over night and then ran a lightly damp mop over it. When we finished, you could run your hand over the floor and it would be clean.

We made our own measuring stick for double batches. The one that comes with it is not very good, the lines disappear after the first patch. We transferred the lines from the stick to a scrap piece of ½ inch EMT we had, used a pipe cutter to etch in the lines.

We then prepared and applied as instructed in the included video:

Think it came out pretty good!

We need to touch-up the walls a bit, but over all happy with the way it went down. Time will tell.