Shop – Table Saw and Out Feed – Follow-up

Finally got around to adding some much needed finishing touches to my out feed table. First up, miter slots. Pretty straight forward; lined it up, marked it up, and routed it up.
I also routed out a lip so I could get it over the metal support bar on the back of the table saw and bring the whole out feed table flush with the saw and side table. I noticed that the out feed table legs are rubbing the rear ‘L’ bracket and wont let me bring it flush. You can see the black marks on the legs
To fix it, I cut the offending piece away:
Then I finished the switch for the router table and added a 4 inch dust collector port.
The dust collector port is a 2 to 4 inch adapter. The table saw only has a 2 inch port. The adapter on the saw is a quick disconnect so I can quickly remove if I need to move things around:
Here is a complete shot: