Side Awning – The Big Cover Up

Here is the front “big” awning. We attached a frame for the awning to a metal building the same way we did the other awning; We used the self sealing metal roof screws to attach the brackets to the side. The brackets are screwed into the 2×6’s used to frame the building. VERY secure!
I wanted to show a better shot of how we did the footings with the 4×4 brackets. We used the 12 inch round forms 2 feet long with 2 1/2 bag cement each
The framing is pretty much the same as the other awning, except the cross beam 2×4’s are set in between the 2×6’s and we used metal braces to help support:
Here is a shot with all the framing done and the brackets on.
Started attaching the metal roofing:
Here is a shot with all the roofing on:
Still need to add the end and side flashing. Will do the electrical next