TED Install Part 2

Installed The Energy Detective (TED) Home Pro. After verifying with great folks at TED, I cut off and capped the blue and red wires from the MTU power cable:
I then went to the main breaker box and installed The Energy Detective (TED) MTU power cable. I hooked up the black, hot wire to the ‘A’ side of the 100 Amp circuit breaker feeding the shop and the white, neutral to the neutral bar.
I then attached the 2 Current Transformers (CT)s. Red dot facing the utility.
Then I powered it up.
I was able to keep it all with in the main circuit breaker box:
It is a very long MTU power cable but I made it fit. I verified that I could get to the Footprints software and see the MTU. Then I buttoned it up.
Now I need to setup and play with The Energy Detective Footprints software. I will post how it goes.