Home Brew Stir Plate DIY


I had an extra 120 volt 5 inch fan laying around so I decided to make a stir plate with it. I got some Magcraft NSN0586 1/2-Inch by 1/7-Inch by 1/8-Inch Rare Earth Ring Magnets, grabbed the JB Weld and got to it:
First was sticking the magnets to the fan:
I got a standard plastic storage container from WalMart, measured my mounting holes on the fan, and bolted in 4 screws:
I cut a notch in the back for the power cable. I made a notch so I could pull the cable in when I wanted to store or transport the stir Plate.
I then wired it up using a dimmer switch I had laying around:
And Tested: The idea is to keep the yeast suspended no more or less….
Then I pulled the cable in, and packed it for storage:
 Hope you find it useful!